Vinyl Siding

The Right Exterior Siding For Your Home

Options available to consumers include wood, fiber-cement, hardi plank, aluminum, steel and vinyl. In today's market, vinyl siding is the #1 preferred material of both new home builders and remodelers. And the #1 reason it is consistently chosen by most is COST.


But DON'T let cost be your determining factor when choosing the right vinyl siding for your home. There are a lot of cheap inferior vinyl siding panels on the market today.


Where To Start

Like anything else, you need to be comparing apple to apples. Vinyl siding ranges in panel thickness from .040, .042, .044, all the way up to .050. I always recommend at least a .044 vinyl siding panel, with a minimum of 3/8 of an inch insulation underneath.

Another important thing to remember when purchasing vinyl siding is the manufacturer of the product. We use products from companies that have been around for many years, like Certainteed, Alcoa, Royal Building Products, and many more. Colors, styles of siding panels, and accessories are endless.


VBV Testimonial

John A. Voiles

"As a young man, I installed my first piece of vinyl siding over 30 years ago. Since then, I have installed thousands of squares of vinyl siding. Being a contractor for over 25 years now, has given me the opportunity to witness the technology that has made vinyl siding a durable, low maintenance, eye-catching way to not only beautify your home, but increase its value."


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