The Truth About Vinyl Replacement Windows

Those old windows and doors in your home are the biggest energy losers.


There are over 1400 manufactures of vinyl windows in the United States today. Before you shop for windows, be sure to review a few features that are a must when looking for vinyl replacement windows that will fit your needs. Whether it's a double hung, sliding, picture, or casement window you're looking for, the following information is a must when purchasing new vinyl windows for your home.


Low-E Glass with Argon

CLEAR glass has absolutely NO insulating value. It really is like throwing your money out the window! Standard Low-E/Argon-filled insulating glass provides years of energy efficiency. Low-E glass is worth the price, especially since houses tend to lose 25 percent of their heat through windows. Be sure to purchase the highest quality Low-E glass you can afford.


Weather Stripping

The more weather stripping the better. So what's good? Having 10-15 points of contact is average. The Wincore® 5400 starts with 17 points of contact, and the Wincore® 7700 Double Hung, excels to 32 points of contact. Weatherseals placed at key points around each sash increase weather performance by reducing air flow.


Vinyl Extrusions

Extrusions are the actual thickness of the vinyl used in making the windows from the sashes to the frame. Vinyl extrusions also play a big role in insulating. By examining cut-aways of vinyl windows, you will actually be able to see the difference.


Glass Thickness

Single strength glass is approximately 1/16 of an inch, and double strength glass is approximately 1/8 of an inch. Double pane windows with double strength glass means you have approx. 1/4 of and inch of glass. Add Low-E coatin, and Argon gas, and you have a good start to an energy efficient window.


Better Insulation

Vista® offers triple-pane windows with Argon/Krypton gas which allows for an astounding R-Value of 5 with today's technology.



Windows today are rated by the U-factor. This is the overall performance of the window. Glass thickness, vinyl extrusions, weather stripping, Low-E coating, and Argon or Krypton gas all factor into this. The SMALLER the number the better.


New Vinyl Windows & Doors

Installation Includes:

• Removal of old windows and doors

• Check for any water damage or rot and repair
    as needed

• Installation of new vinyl windows or doors
    (plumb, level and square)

• R-13 insulation, cut and packed around perimeter
    of windows and doors

• Trim exterior in aluminum trim coil

• Caulk both inside and out with QUAD VOC

• Clean-up and haul away all excess scrap
    and material











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