Available Materials

Available Materials

There are several decking materials on the market today. Treated lumber, redwood, cedar, composites, and even vinyl decking. The railing options are endless. As always, budget plays the most important role when choosing the right decking material for you. Treated lumber by far, is the most commonly used material, just because of cost alone. It does require some yearly maintenance, but with a regular regiment, any wood deck will last you a long time. Treated lumber decks also give us endless options when it comes to building benches, planter boxes, railing, and much more.


We believe in the theory that anything worth doing is worth doing right, BUT only better. If a plan calls for 2×8 dimensional framing lumber, we like to use 2×10. For a few dollars more, it’s just a more structurally sound deck. We screw all our decking and railing with 2-½ inch Deck-Mate® screws, and install all posts with 7 inch galvanized lags and washers. Most stairs are built with a 5 stringer 2×12 system. There is no bounce or wobble.


Is That Even Possible?

Sure… Within Reason of Course

How would you like to go to work one morning and come home that night to enjoy a nice barbecue on your new deck? It can happen!

Of course each project is different and we can’t offer any guarantees, but our 25 year experience has given us the know how to make such projects happen, without cutting any corners.

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